(Click on image for intro video) Athens Olympic Games, 2004

(Click on image for intro video) Athens Olympic Games, 2004

Gary Hall, Jr.

Gary is a role model to many, demonstrating that diabetes does not have to stand between a hard working individual and their dream. 

Using accomplishment in sport as a platform to advance diabetes advocacy and outreach initiatives, Gary today serves as an internationally recognized activist and consultant with a focus on entrepreneurship, board support, strategic alliance, marketing, clinical distribution, advocacy and outreach. He has testified twice before Senate subcommittees on healthcare related issues. 

Gary has recently presented at the Aspen Institute, International Olympic Committee Medical Commission, American Heart Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute and a variety of other prestigious association meetings. Through an expansive network, he has recently introduced an initiative to broaden youth access to physical activity through the extension of insurance incentives for enrollment in participatory sport and accredited physical activity programming.

Gary currently serves the Aspen Institute Project Play Advisory Group, Sanford International Children's Board, National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute Leadership Board, T1D Exchange Advisory Council, Platinum Performance, Myrtha USA, LoYakk Advisory Board and the University of Arizona Department of Surgery Advisory Board.

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DISCLAIMER: Gary Hall, Jr. is not a doctor. Always consult with your healthcare professional.